One of the most important services that Millenia Maritime Inc. has to provide to the ship owning company, whose vessels it manages, is the employment of those vessels in accordance with her Owners’ instructions and wishes.  The company’s commercial department is responsible for this function. Experienced Chartering Broker works in the department who is responsible for the crude oil tankers and the product carriers. Following Owners’ instructions as to whether the vessel should be employed on the spot market or on period charter, our Commercial Manager is solely responsible for screening the various employment opportunities for the respective vessels, choose which ones to pursue, negotiate terms and conditions of the contracts under which the vessels are going to be chartered and eventually enter, on behalf of the Owners into the chartering agreement.

The Charterers of the ships are major oil companies, oil traders, governmental agents, trading houses, reputable commodity Charterers, and other reputable traders. The vessels trade worldwide either on voyage or time charter basis, and their major trading areas are the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the European Continent, West Africa, the United States, and the Middle Eastern Gulf.